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The Hive Academy: Master Selling Online May and August 2020

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you consistently making $500-$5,000/month from your business mostly "in person," essentially from people you already know?
Do you have a Facebook page and a small to medium sized audience but not sure how to grow it?
Do you have a website, but not sure how to leverage it to get leads or generate sales?
Are you ready to get more leads and sell more of your products/services online?

Then this group program is for you.

In fact, it will be CUSTOM made for you because you're the first cohort to go through it and that means that I'm designing it AROUND YOU.

I'll be taking your exact problems and creating a framework alongside you that will help you start leveraging your existing business more strategically online. This work that we'll do together will help you build the framework you'll need to double the sales you're already making through the people you already know. Together, our goal is to take your $500/month and make it $1,000, to take your $5,000/month and make it $10,000.
Together, we're going to SCALE!



Cart Closed Sunday (Aug. 30th) at Midnight CST

Andrea Hattan

I grew my business from $0 to Six-Figures in my first two years ... and I did it by organically attracting nearly 1,000 local women in business who turned into 200 paying customers. Now, they regularly share how awesome our community is, creating new customers on auto-pilot.

Even though I did it organically, I have a wealth of knowledge on how to utilize paid traffic to reach your goals too. Where does it come from? I worked side-by-side professionally with one of the top keynote speakers in the marketing world. The guy other professional speakers pay $10,000 for an hour of his expertise. Together, we built $20,000 websites. And I've spent thousands of hours researching best practices and thousands of dollars learning what works through courses and trainings. I want to SAVE YOU that TIME and MONEY.

What makes me unique as a group facilitator? I am professionally trained as a teacher. Most online "gurus" just have knowledge. They have no idea how to actually share that knowledge in a way you can understand and implement. I have a master's degree in creative writing and teaching certifications backing my ability to deliver content in a way that empowers you to "get it" and finally take action. 

With my help, you'll jump ahead years and hit the ground running to maximize your organic reach and then supplement with paid strategies like those social media ads you've struggled to run successfully in the past. I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build their brands online, so if you are ready to see your bank balance with a few more zeros before that decimal point, let's get started working together!


Recorded Access to the Entire Boost Your Reach Bootcamp

The Boost Your Reach Bootcamp was packed with 5 full days of incredible Facebook Ads content. Information I paid $1,000's of dollars to learn. Going through it one time helped you get familiar with the information, but you know as well as I do that it didn't solidify that knowledge for you. Buy into either plan by midnight CST and they're yours to keep and rewatch to your heart's content!

Your Investment in YOU and YOUR Business...


Custom Written Transcripts
Professional Recordings

In the Boost Your Reach Bootcamp, we cover how CRUCIAL it is to create and promote three strategic video ads. What if all three of them were essentially DONE FOR YOU? How amazing would it feel to know that you've got videos worth sharing that are primed to build awareness of your business and get prospects in your funnel?! Pay in full and you can check this off your list.